The light bringer and the machine [Videos][12/01/22]

Video for “Illuminating the machine by her divine flame” and “The serpent and the key” debuted for Glitch.fest Vol2.

From the debut e.p. “The light bringer and the machine”
production, mastering and artwork/video: vaeprism
released via @glitch-dot-cool

Free sample pack available with ep:…view?usp=sharing

Paracusia Media [2020]


noun; auditory hallucination

Paracusia Media is a new label with an exclusive focus on music of extremely high quality, forward thinking sound design and structure, depth and immersion.
A showcase of the most brilliant, innovative, and envelope-pushing sound designers and artists from around the world, who are not afraid to go as far outside of the box as their vision requires.

Earlier this year I was approached by Paracusia Media to be added to their roster and have also since become their resident artist, responsible for Logo/banner design and artwork for releases.

Even more recently, I designed the artwork for the new label’s first release;
Hypercube – Pneumatic Guru


Pneumatic Guru will be released on April 7 and is available for pre-order here:

For more information about Paracusia Media:

Glitch With Friends: Vol 1 [13/09/19]

Glitch with friends

A few months ago on the Woulg discord chat, a few of us began to develop a group we called Glitch.Cool.
A group of digital creators who share a common interest in glitch art; producers, sound designers, programmers, and visual artists.

Back in April we released our debut project, ‘Glitch With Friends: Samples Vol. 1.

Since then we have been hard at work on a new batch of projects, the first of which is ‘Glitch With Friends: Compilation Vol. 1, an 8-track compilation produced entirely using samples from our prior sample pack.

The compilation features many familiar faces from Samples Vol. 1 as well as some newcomers. There were no instructions given for this project other than – “use only samples we created”, and as a result there is a wide variety of musical styles and sensibilities on display here, illustrating the sonic range of the samples and the producers themselves.

Glitch With Friends: Compilation Vol. 1 is out now!!
Available on here:
on most common online retailers and streaming services.
Samples Vol. 1 is available as a free download on our website,

Audio Contributors:
Man From Sol

Artwork Contributors:

The Library of Lost Souls [28-29/9/18]

The Library of Lost Souls was an exhibition performed and created by Shelley Tansley and Naomi Wild for The Crack X Festival as part of This Is Not Art.

This interactive piece was conducted on the 28th/29th September, an endurance of two four hour shifts at Newcastle’s Watt Space Gallery.
The audience was invited to participate in this immersive experience as the ‘seeker.’
They were guided by The Keeper [Shelley Tansley] to seek the wisdom of The Silent One [Naomi Wild].

For this exhibition I was asked to provide sound design and visuals to compliment the atmosphere created for this event (shown below):

Library Of Lost Souls:

Shelley Tansley:

Naomi Wild:


Watt Space Gallery:

This Is Not Art:


ElectroFringe 18 Workshop [15/9/18]

On the 15th of September I was invited to conduct a workshop on Glitch Art at 107 projects for ElectroFringe 18.

The workshop served as an introduction to various databending and sonification techniques and some live visualization.
I gove some examples of using a Hex editor to databend files, sonification techniques in Renoise and Audacity, Datamoshing in Avidemux and various other software. I also included a brief look at processing (particularly for live application), FFMpeg and using other software such as AcidCam for live visuals.

I also provided an online resource for the audience to view after the workshop.
This included various links to free software used to create glitch art and tools to accompany the process.
These resources and links can be found here:

ElectroFringe 18 WorkshopElectroFringe 18 WorkshopElectrofringe 18

Ruby My Dear – Brame promo [9/10/18]

I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Lawler [Dislasystem] on a video he directed for Ruby My Dear. This was a promo for the album ‘Brame.’

I was responsible for creating glitch art/datamoshing as source material for editing.
Under Stephen’s direction, I supplied some props including a guitar I painted.
He also created props/masks for filming, horns were made by Shelley Tansley.
Stephen directed and filmed, the lead actor was DollRot and I was a support role.
I was later supplied footage of the shoot to databend.

The promo was released in October 2017.

acoustic guitar art
acoustic guitar