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Motivated by chance as a foundation for the creative process,
I seek a flow state that embodies free expression in whatever form it presents itself.

Vaeprism is an Australian electronic musician and glitch artist.
His work includes experimentations with generative art and music, software, machines and musical instruments, glitch art and video art.

“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accordance with nature, in her manner of operation.” [John Cage]

A member of Glitch[dot]cool;  a group of digital creators who share a common interest in glitch art, he seeks to expand the creative process through further experimentation, collaboration and public sharing of resources.

Vaeprism uses Renoise to compose and post/recording in pro tools.
Nektar SE49 Midi controller, Zoom recorder for foley.
Electric and acoustic guitars, bass and percussive instruments.

Other equipment; Roland Mc303, Boss BR 1200, Eleven Rack, various fx racks and guitar pedals. Some equipment home made such as contact mics and circuit bent toys.

Glitch Art; Vaeprism uses a hex editor, Audacity, Avidemux, Processing, Ffmpeg & various other means including introducing artifacts in lo-res, streaming or playback errors and capturing live glitches etc.

V Δ Ǝ Р Я Î Ş Μ̌
Ǝ̵͘M̧̀Δ̴i̴L̷: vaeprism @ gmail . com
:̤̈g̤̈: l i ۪t۫ ɔ h [ d ⊙ t ] c o̅ o̶̶ l.
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