The light bringer and the machine [27/08/21]

Shattering the silence of aeons by the haunting chants of Vaeprism’s augural choir, the light bringer and the machine chronicles the descent of the autosaboteur into the cavernous depths of the underworld.

Staring into the abbysic void, the machine stares back.
A beast forged in flames, the leviathan of industry and an unforgiving plague of pestilence with a ravenous hunger for lost souls, spreads its disease and suffering with rabid fury, enslaving the autosaboteur.

The howl of the hounds herald the opening of the gates to the underworld, evoking the bringer of light.
The vacuous chasms of the machine, ablaze by her divine flame,
the autosaboteur begins his ascent of the nine circles.

Debut e.p. “The light bringer and the machine”
production, mastering and artwork: vaeprism
released via @glitch-dot-cool

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