Glitch [dot] fest [23/11/20]

On October 23rd + 24th, 2020, Glitch [dot] cool held our first virtual festival live on our twitch account, with audiovisual sets featuring contributions from eleven of our members. The event was a huge success, with nearly 960 unique viewers tuning in, watching a combined 48,037 minutes, and sending a combined 7,402 messages in the chat!

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to our amazing community for making this event such a memorable experience, to synthcoder, Tristan Leonidas, and Seskamol for contributing the videos we played between sets, to Seskamol and CLAUDE for contributing visuals to meii & jim kimchi’s sets and woulg’s set, respectively, to the fine folks at Abstrakt Reflections, Force Inc./Mille Plateaux, YUKU, Paracusia Media, Mean Mug Music, Renoise, the Lorn discord for the help promoting this event, to Soup for running the stream and creating this project, and last but not least to our very own Heavyhearted for the beautiful closing track/video we played as an encore on the second and final night.

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track list:
∃ᙠBÎΔ̕N ᖷLθW
Sylvan ælɡərɪðəm
Enduser – Between [VΔƎРЯÎŞΜ̌ Я̵ͩ̽ͨͤͦͤ͘ᄐ̛̑̍ͥ̄̽̏̌Ϻ̢̌͂̂͑͆̋ͦ͟Ϊ̽͋̌̈́̄̉̋͢Ҳ͒ͦ̏̓̈́̈́̀]
ȗN̡fȗ͟Я̧ЙΙ͜Ƨ͠ᅢᄐ͠d Ϻ̶ȗ́Ț̸ΔnȚ ͞

For full details and videos from the festival: