Glitch With Friends: Vol 1 [13/09/19]

Glitch with friends

A few months ago on the Woulg discord chat, a few of us began to develop a group we called Glitch.Cool.
A group of digital creators who share a common interest in glitch art; producers, sound designers, programmers, and visual artists.

Back in April we released our debut project, ‘Glitch With Friends: Samples Vol. 1.

Since then we have been hard at work on a new batch of projects, the first of which is ‘Glitch With Friends: Compilation Vol. 1, an 8-track compilation produced entirely using samples from our prior sample pack.

The compilation features many familiar faces from Samples Vol. 1 as well as some newcomers. There were no instructions given for this project other than – “use only samples we created”, and as a result there is a wide variety of musical styles and sensibilities on display here, illustrating the sonic range of the samples and the producers themselves.

Glitch With Friends: Compilation Vol. 1 is out now!!
Available on here:
on most common online retailers and streaming services.
Samples Vol. 1 is available as a free download on our website,

Audio Contributors:
Man From Sol

Artwork Contributors: