ElectroFringe 18 Workshop [15/9/18]

On the 15th of September I was invited to conduct a workshop on Glitch Art at 107 projects for ElectroFringe 18.

The workshop served as an introduction to various databending and sonification techniques and some live visualization.
I gove some examples of using a Hex editor to databend files, sonification techniques in Renoise and Audacity, Datamoshing in Avidemux and various other software. I also included a brief look at processing (particularly for live application), FFMpeg and using other software such as AcidCam for live visuals.

I also provided an online resource for the audience to view after the workshop.
This included various links to free software used to create glitch art and tools to accompany the process.
These resources and links can be found here:

ElectroFringe 18 WorkshopElectroFringe 18 WorkshopElectrofringe 18