┷┯┷┯┷┷┗┯┷┯┷┗┯┷  Ŧh̢ƏRę̡ I̕§ ̛B̢ë̕ΔÜt¥ i̷Й͟ ͘È̷ЯRØŔ̵  ͠ ä₦Р MɐĢ͟iƆ !Ṇ͢ ӍΔLℲuИ¢Ț̡ï̸Ѻп  ┯┷┯┯┷┷┯┷┷┗┷┷┯

Motivated by flaw and chance as a foundation for the creative process,
I seek the union of the synthetic and organic,
embracing the stream of data and the flow of the river as one.

Vaeprism exists predominately as the mechanism for my explorations in audio.
Yet it also encompasses experimentations with visuals and technology.
This includes various forms of glitch art, circuit bending,
electronics and any other means that manifest in the future.

“Everything flows on and on like this river, without pause, day and night.” [Confucius]

I visualized the source of ‘the creative’ much the same as a flowing river, yet intangible like vapor.
As the prism captures light and refracts the spectrum rendering it visible to the observer, I sought to express how a prism can be utilized to form a connection to such a river.

Next I wrote the words ‘vapor’ and ‘prism’ and various other letters on small pieces of paper, gathered them together and threw them into the air, observing the manner in which they came to rest.



I would like to encourage open dialog regarding my process to all those interested and am grateful for others to share too.
Wherever possible, i aspire to pass on what I have learned.
I also urge reaching out regarding creative projects, collaborations etc.
If the aesthetic of my videos/art appeal, i am also available for commission.
This includes music and sound design.

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me…
Ǝ̵͘M̧̀Δ̴i̴L̷:           vaeprism @ gmail . com
Ð̵IƧĈŐ̶Я̴̨̛Ð̵:     ABįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ#7669
Or via the ‘Ĉ◎̴И̕T̀͘Δ̴Ɔ̵̀Ţ̌́’ link in the navigation menu above.

Vaeprism is based in Sydney, Australia

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