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Motivated by flaw and chance as a foundation for the creative process,
I seek the union of the synthetic and organic,
embracing the stream of data and the flow of the river as one.

“Everything flows on and on like this river, without pause, day and night.” [Confucius]

The source of all things creative, I see as the flowing river, yet intangible like vapor.
Much like the refraction of light to reveal the spectrum, I envisioned a metaphorical prism used to form a connection to such a river.

Vaeprism is the mechanism for my explorations in the audio and visual.
Including experimentations with glitch art and video art, generative art and music, software, machines and musical instruments.

I use Renoise to compose and post/recording in pro tools.
Akai mpk mini mk2 and Nektar SE49 Midi controllers, Zoom recorder for foley.
Roland Mc303, Eleven Rack, various fx racks and guitar pedals.
Some equipment home made such as contact mics and circuit bent toys.
Electric and acoustic guitars, bass and percussive instruments.
Sonification of images/files I use Audacity, Renoise, Audio Paint.
Video art/glitch art/datamoshing/databending I use a hex editor, Audacity, Avidemux, Processing, Ffmpeg & various other means including introducing artifacts in lo-res, streaming or playback errors and capturing live glitches etc.

Vaeprism aka Abissus Voide
Ǝ̵͘M̧̀Δ̴i̴L̷: vaeprism @ gmail . com
ΔBįSƧȔS ṼØȊÐƎ [art site]: abissusvoide.wordpress.com

Experimental electronic glitch music – art … Sydney Australia
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